30 Telling Esports Statistics Reveal a Booming Industry


Is esports on the rise?

Absolutely, as both viewership and esports economics statistics show that esports are becoming both increasingly popular and lucrative.

Who is the #1 gamer in the world?

When we look at prize pool money earned, the Dota 2 pro N0Tail is the most successful player, accruing $6.97 million so far.

Is esports a billion-dollar industry?

Yes. In 2021, the esports market’s value stands at $1.08 billion and is expected to rise.

Will esports be bigger than sports?

While some research firms do report that esports will overtake traditional sports in 2021, many of these predictions have proven to be inflated or unverifiable. Judging by the earnings of the highest paid footballers or the richest golf players, taking over traditional sports will be no easy task.

Who is watching esports?

People of all ages, but the most-present demographic are males younger than 44.