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How many gamblers are in the UK?

Even though the exact figures are not known, it’s estimated that there are over 25 million adult gamblers in the UK. Out of that number, 10.5 million place their bets online and a total of 45% of Brits gamble each month.

How much is the gambling industry worth in the UK?

Facts about gambling and statistics regarding it inform us that the UK gambling industry was worth about £14.4 billion in 2018. Gambling is one of the favourite pastimes for many Brits, with the National Lottery being the most popular form of it.

How many people are problem gamblers in the UK?

A 2020 survey commissioned by GambleAware with 16,000 respondents found that up to 2.7% of adults in the UK – or 1.4 million – were problem gamblers. This number is much higher than the official UKGC estimates of 0.7%.

Who is the biggest bookmaker in the UK?

Gambling stats for the UK market show that the company with the highest revenue (£2.14 billion) is Flutter. Flutter operates popular sports betting sites Betfair and Paddy Power.